Ferguson Environmental Resources
5055 S. Eastern Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

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Experts in Proper Disposal & Waste Management

With more than 150 years of combined experience in waste management, Oklahoma City metro businesses can trust FER, Inc. to meet all their needs. From proper waste disposal, regulatory compliance, liability concerns to price requirements – promptly, professionally and responsibly.

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Grease, Odor or Drain Problems?

Plumbing or drain problems or
sewage odors in your facility?

The problem could be your facility's grease trap/interceptor.

We can help!
  • FER provides a complete drain and grease trap/interceptor service and maintenance program for your facility.
  • FER Wastewater Treatment, Inc. is one of the few permitted, privately owned and operated wastewater treatment facilities in Oklahoma City.

Making Waste Less Wasteful

Managing and disposing of your hazardous
and non - hazardous waste products !

FER does it best because we do it safely, responsibly, and affordably.

Eight disposal processes allows FER to make waste management less wasteful. These include: