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About Us

Government rules and regulations mandate strict compliance when it comes to chemical waste produced by any company. With so much importance being placed on responsible waste management, it's important for your company to know about FER Inc. We provide the most comprehensive hazardous waste management services available. Serving as your single resource for cost-effective waste management, we meet demanding regulatory compliance. With numerous waste disposal options to choose from, FER, Inc. can offer the optimum waste management strategy for your specific needs, based on budget, the type of waste being disposed of, or any other criteria.

Bottom line, you can trust FER, Inc. to meet all your needs – from proper waste disposal, regulatory compliance, liability concerns to price requirements – promptly, professionally and responsibly.

FER Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Industrial Wastewater – Treatment and Disposal

FER Inc. operates a CWT (Centralized Wastewater Treatment) facility. The plant processes wastewaters by utilizing chemicals for treatment and then disposal of the industrial wastewaters. The wastewaters treated include contaminated hydrocarbons, grit traps, wastewaters, storm water, impoundment waste, brine wastewaters, grease traps, and other commercial or industrial contaminated waste. All wastewaters are treated to meet the discharge parameters which are set forth in the specifications as listed in the Industrial Wastewater Utilities Department of the City of Oklahoma City. The permit allows for disposal of the treated wastewaters to the sanitary sewer that the City of Oklahoma City operates and maintains.

Wastewaters are transported from the generator to the CWT facility by using FER Inc. Detailed coverage and highlights of our services are contained within the web site.

Profiling of Waste for Treatment

The facility requires profiling of waste for treatment to establish the treatment standards of the waste for processing. Profiles contain and include laboratory chemical analysis of the waste. The analysis can require testing for metals, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pH, flammability, pollutant priority list, etc. Besides analytical testing, the generator's knowledge is useful in completing a profile for waste acceptance and treatment.

No waste will be accepted at the CWT facility without prior approval.