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Have you ever noticed foul odors or drain and plumbing problems in your facility's kitchen? These are often symptoms of a problem with your company's grease trap or interceptor.

Grease trap problems can be much more problematic than you'd think. Ultimately a dirty grease trap can lead to major plumbing problems in your facility costing you expensive plumbing bills.

FER offers comprehensive grease trap cleaning

Regular grease trap maintenance will not only remove the foul odors from your kitchen and restaurant. It will also prevent a plumbing nightmare.

But when it comes to companies offering grease trap cleaning, Oklahoma City business owners have to be careful. Many providers offer a grease trap clean out at a very low price but take short cuts and never truly finish the job.

FER offers a grease trap pumping service your business can depend on. We get the job done right the first time by inspecting inside and outside lines and blasting grease out.

Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning Today!

The longer you let a grease trap stay clogged, the more at risk your company is for serious damage. If you're ready to get rid of bad odors and prolong the life of your company's plumbing, call (405) 677-4992 or contact us online to schedule an affordable grease trap cleaning today.

How a Grease Trap Works

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