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For businesses in Oklahoma City, hazardous waste disposal can be a pain. From small manufacturers to large corporations, improper disposal of hazardous waste results in state and federal penalties.

FER, Inc. offers hazardous waste removal compliant with both Oklahoma and federal laws at an affordable price.

We understand how important managing waste is to keeping a business operating. That's why for over 20 years we've been providing our customers with excellent service, including:

  • On-site assessments: Our experts visit your job site and find the most effective way to handle your company's unique hazardous waste needs.

  • Advising on regulations: We use our industry experience to ensure that your company's hazardous waste handling meets both Oklahoma and federal environmental regulations.

  • Eco-friendly disposal: By choosing FER Inc. as your waste disposal vendor, your company helps us protect the environment through focused efforts on recycling waste material

Here are just a few of the industries that we have worked with:






No matter the industry, FER is licensed, bonded and insured for hazardous waste disposal Oklahoma City businesses can depend on.


  • Oil & gas

  • Automotive

  • Restaurant

  • Food processing

  • Manufacturing

Most importantly, our customers are always just a phone call away from speaking with a representative who is familiar with your business and proper hazardous waste disposal regulations and procedures.

We're ready to put 150 years of experience to work for your company. 

Get a consultation on your company's Hazardous waste disposal needs. 

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