11501 S. I-44 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73173

Phone: 405-677-4992  

  Fax: 405-677-4959

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FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC. operates a CWT (Centralized Wastewater Treatment) facility.  We provide your business with a disposal plan to fit your needs.  If its contaminated hydrocarbons, Wastewaters, storm waters, impoundment waste or other industrial or commercial contaminated waste FER Wastewater Treatment is at your service.

We require Profiling of all

Wastewater to establish the

treatment needed for processing. The analysis can require testing for metals, volatile's, semi-volatiles, pH, flammability, and the current pollutant priority list.

If your facility has drain problems or sewage odors both could be the result of an improperly maintained grease trap system.  FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC. is one of the few permitted, privately owned and operated wastewater treatment facilities in Oklahoma City.

FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC. offers many different service intervals to meet your needs.


No waste will be accepted at the CWT facility without prior approval!