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FER Inc.

After several years of working in the hazardous waste disposal industry, Keith, with his wife Cheryl, started their own waste disposal business in 1995.  The Fergusons started out servicing the small business owners such as dry cleaners, automotive body shops and small manufacturing companies.  Small business owners appreciated the personal service FER, Inc. provided, as waste disposal regulations can be difficult to maneuver. After more than 20 years in business, FER, Inc. has grown into a green company with more than 3000 current clients and provides services to those same locally owned small business.  Our services  have grown to assist larger waste generating companies but we never forget out roots.  FER continues to provide personal service to small and large businesses.  As industry needs began to grow, Keith and Cheryl started two other small businesses, FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC and FER Waste Services, LLC.  Wastewater treatment processes industrial waste waters and services grease trap interceptors in the Oklahoma City area.  Waste Services provides commercial trash service to local business owners and construction companies.