11501 S. I-44 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73173

Phone: 405-677-4992  

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If your facility has drain problems or sewage odors, both could be the result of an improperly maintained grease trap system.  FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC. is one of the few permitted, privatley owned and operated wastewater treatment facilities in
Oklahoma City.

FER Wastewater Treatment, LLC. provides complete drain and grease trap / interceptor service and maintenance program for your facility.  Our Services Include:


Camera and Jetting of Line Inside and outside of your building for an additional cost.

Servicing Grease Traps inside your building.


Servicing Grease Interceptor outside your building.

Grease Trap Illustration
Before Service
After Service
Power Washing
Jetting Trunk Lines

We allow the quality of our service to maintain our customers, not a contract. For statewide service obligations, contracts are required.  Call us for a free quote.