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Wastewater Treatment

We provide generators with specific wastewater treatment plans to fit their individual needs.  Our water treatment facility is state of the art and is the first step in the ultimate re-use of your industrial wastewaters.  We treat wastewaters contaminated with constituents such as: hydrocarbons, metals, undissolved solids, organics, and an array of other contaminants found in wastewaters.  Once treated wastewaters are processed, they go through further treatment to be ultimately re-used for various industrial and agricultural applications.  


FER prides itself in being the Wastewater Treatment Expert.  FER has recently completed an upgrade to our CWT facility that will expand our treatment capabilities.  This enhanced treatment allows us to serve an even wider spectrum of industrial and commercial wastewater generators.


We understand how important managing wastewater is to keeping a business operating. That's why for over 20 years we've been providing our customers with excellent service.


Waste Acceptance Plan:

FER Profile Form, copies of historical analytical, and a quart size sample.  Historical analytical includes results for metals, volatiles and semi-volatiles, pH, flammability and constituents of the current pollutant priority list.

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